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Friday, May 1, 2009

Going into Space....

Some around have probably started seeing me aroung a place or talking about Space Studio. I have been following Hal Samples' work since i first met him (and other creative peeps) for over a year now! There was never an opportunity all of 2008 to be around that atmosphere. I was still in a full-time job and part-time photography. I never had enough time to really devote some time to anything other than those things.

I'm thankful that 2009 is here because I'm in a new place of photographic fun & challenges! I'm now doing Photography FULL TIME! I now have the time to invest in hanging out with other people that are creative!!!! I've taken every class I wanted to in the metroplex on photography. I've met some great new friends and teachers. I would recommend if you wanna learn more about photography - go take a class - it WILL HELP! I fought it for months, but then ended up taking every class in the DCCCD districts. Look up the "continuing education" classes! There are a lot!

Richland College - Mr. Simmons classes were so great! He is so eager to help you UNDERSTAND the boring parts/technical aspects. He will spend extra time with you too! Learning the basics of the camera from him were VERY helpful. He is my recommendation for those that don't have a clue about working their camera in manual.

Brookhaven College - both Mr. Martinez and Mr. Levengood were great. Levengood has moved away, but Mr. Martinez still teaches out there. The classes are just long enough for you to really dig in and learn! I took a LOT of studio classes. This is important if you wanna learn more about lighting people. :)

CCCCD - (courtyard center) I also took Architecture/Landscape and Flash Photography here. Terry Weir's class was very helpful in understanding nite lighting and long exposures. He was also just very knowlegable in Lightroom! It was amazing. The Flash class was helpful in a few ways for me. I'm still too challenged with flash - but Mr. Kirby helped us think outside the box with lighting too.

An example of non-flash, longer exposure, HIGH ISO shot....
Taken with the thought of a rock band...grain didn't matter!
The "recipe" was ISO 1600, fstop 2.8, shutter : 1/2 second

I did end up cropping the sides in because this was shot ON the floor and there wasn't a convenient way to crop in my camera. Then i also lateron added a lightroom effect to "punch" it up just a little. I'm liking the ART that i can make in lightroom more and more.

You'll notice just some punches in contrast & color. I'm a big fan of color and rockin crazeeness! This isn't your normal "portrait". I especially liked how the lighting was hitting the drums. It was like he was playing "light". :) ENJOY

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