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Friday, January 28, 2011

It is the final details that can drive ya wild!

I'm in the final moments of this project here.
I have made a LOT of progress in the hopes of launching on time, but I'm not so sure I'll have everything up by Jan 31.  It might be later next week. :)

This has to be the hardest process for me....because I am my own *EVERYTHING* and I found lately that I have had a hard time delegating certain things and getting timely results.  So, I am back to my drawing board getting my own stuff done again. :)  Thanks to the help of a few...I'm off to a good start.

I'm sure this year will hold a lot more changes than this...I like to think of this as phase 1 Revelation.  I think there will be a Phase 2 and 3 in the coming months. :)  But getting this part done is a big step. :)

Embracing who I am fully.

I still can't wait to share....this is so fun for me.
I do love it, it is just really really really really hard work. :)

and I promise, back on FB soon - i miss everyone. :)

the ups and downs....of the journey of light.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stepping UP.

I think tonite was a good REMINDER of stepping up to the plate, to fill the spot I have here to accomplish.  When I am removed from the familiar, I find God. :)

It is already in my heart to serve....and I've not been in a place in almost a year...where I have been able to walk into a place...and be given an authority to just use my gifts & talents and strengths for serving.

I know this is a new chapter.

I know this is a new strengthening and teaching for me.

I am really wanting to live the life God has for me.

It is really that simple.

As fear leaves, HIS LOVE fills. :)


An older piece of art...with a light at the end, of a dark place.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting closer!!!!!!

I spent a GOOD portion of the day just working my little self...through the new launch details.  There is still so much more to do - and some of this may just come in pieces...but I wanted to be sure a lot of the pieces are in place so it all makes sense. :)

I'm so excited.

I can't wait to share the changes that I've made...and if anything, I'm just excited that I have accomplished something else...with just as much sweat/tears as the first time I sat down to start this business. :)  Most of my battles are very internal...getting my desires & dreams out on paper or in a website or blog...can be challenging, but SO worth it. :)

Have a great nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A true inspiration!!!!!

Looks like Jack LaLanne has passed....
what an inspiration he was...I know this!  I know we all probably laughed at his juicing commercials - but at 96 years old - what a FULL life...full of fitness and health.  Full of strength in body and mind.  I think he was something special!

He will be missed, but Lord knows - let us hope he left behind a large legacy of people that will take care of themselves! AND inspire others to do so too!!!!

Article on Jack LaLanne

Warm thoughts & prayers to his family and friends!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Reflection.

Psalm 34:5
Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

What I fear most for our women out the beauty that they withhold themselves from seeing.  So I ask God now, teach me about true beauty - both inside and out.  May the ladies I run into...begin to see themselves as you created them.  Amazingly beautiful and radiant with your presence.  I am at a loss for words, so I posted God's word.

I will type it again....

Psalms 34:5....

Those that LOOK to him are RADIANT.....their faces are never covered with shame.

Shame says "There is something wrong with me". 
God says: "I love you, and you were beautifully and wonderfully made".  "You are MY art piece".

May God share his love with you today....I know that you are in need....
so I pray that your needs be met with his love today.

Fly into new territory.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I was learning quite a bit about peace today....
and how great it is to live in that place of peace and enjoy your life.

The first thing thrown in my face this afternoon was....
God created YOU to be yourself, NOT SOMEONE ELSE.

God created me to be the best me I can.  Not compare myself to anyone else.  The only standards that I need to worry about is what God wants me to live up to.  Over the years, I've had various revelations about this - but find that I'm always tested again and again in my Identity Security. :)

It has been a bit hard this season....actually, right now is a bit difficult - but I know that all is going to work out exactly like God's plan intended.  God knows me better than me. He knows I'm hard-headed, but soft-hearted.  He knows that sometimes I wait til the last minute to make changes, but they get made.

Life is about consistent change.
My desire is to move forward on the brightly lit path made just for my feet to walk.

Psalms 119:105
105Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

The word is the lamp and light.  Needless to say, I gots shiny feet.  I don't want to live in darkness, a pit, on shaky ground or in a storm.  I will gladly WALK through those things to experience all the goods and bads.  I've walked through a lot to get here.  I'm actually deep down ready to share my story.

While not like yours, is still MY story. :) 

Take care,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making the most of what you have!

I'm at a place now....where living with what I have, is making the MOST of the time i have!!!!
I have new choices to use my time in a way...where I can always continually serve others....

I'm going to get involved in a homeless outreach....and some foster/orphanage locally...making a difference with my gifts and talents, my photography and my heart. :)

Now is the time to reach outside yourself and make a difference to people that need love.

They need to SEE love in action.  :)

So, I encourage you today...if you are a funk, a rut, a self-imposed prison - reach out to someone else....and get over yourself by helping others and loving others. :)

I want to make the most of what I have....and what I can give. :)

Take care!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning through failures!

Some of the best results I have gotten lately in my photography...has been learning through failures.  I think we get challenged to produce and push ourselves even BETTER when we fail.  Most times I'm usually seeing where I fail...and asking myself, "Do I want to repeat that?".  Sometimes, you just can't help it - because maybe the challenge is soooooooo intricate, that you miss a few details. 

I'm actually THANKFUL right now for my failures.  I can troubleshoot a lot faster now...and solve problems without emotional outbursts.  I have grown so much in so many areas...but can never get to that place where "I have arrived" . I think we all go into each project with a certain uncertain certainty.  We fight through the intimidation and insecurities and find ourselves being as artists truly are.  Flawed and Imperfect! :)

The 3 words I'll post on my wall next....
"decide. commit. succeed".  from the p90X series.  It is a truth that is evident in our ALL aspects of our lives. :)

have a great week!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

In this season.

I can safely say the true tests are coming over the next couple of weeks....
the internal kind...the kind where my heart is scrutinized, looked at in motives and purity is examined. My revelations become clearer and clearer.  In this time away, I find that it is quieter....but I know the true test is coming when I sit down to write ....with purpose.

I hope to see you all soon....for now, just wait til the end of January....
it is going to be such a wonderful thing for me to share. :)

Much Love


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What if.

My thoughts are taking me NYC.

I can see how God can use even the SIMPLEST things to make dreams come true.

Dreams that came from him....and some of these dreams, maybe I get to be a part of someone else's dream and help make it happen.

I just about fell to the floor when thinking of the POSSIBILITY that God could open up....

and I'm actually going to be even more bold and declare that this can and WILL happen.

Our lives have been building to this point.........
and we were not made to sit idly by and watch life go by. :)

This is it. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our first snow....

So the winter season has come....and oh the snow snuck up on us yesterday...leaving us with tattered pieces on the ground today.  :)  I'm always so cold...that i don't like exploring in the snow, but what I did do , was explore with my camera. :)

I decided to try out my new wide angle lens as well as pull out the stops with my old XTI and 28-135 to try to capture a gorgeous blue bird sitting in our tree outside.

I have found that my wide angle looked fine on screen, but the images looked a tad darker on my screen ....but the xti was perfect in my perception of exposure. :) Enjoy the pictures!  That bird was great, only wish i had a super zoom lens...cause all i got was bird butt when i tried to get closer! :)


taken with my XTI - and contrast applied in lightroom. :)
this is my perception of a "wintery mix" - green grass, dead grass, snow and rain drops. - wide angle lens
i actually think this is cute, and he few away 3 seconds later! hahahahaah - bluebird - xti

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year......letz make some things happen in 2011!!!!

We are going for it alllllllllllll this year. :)

Meanwhile, enjoy a couple of images from a New Years' Eve wedding.
I love what she said, SO HONEST and real.

"Do you know why we waited so long to get a photographer?"....
"Because I hate the camera".....

Her tune soon changed when we had some fun and took some beautiful images.  She is amazingly beautiful with a great family, and they partied all nite long celebrating making it official. :)


See you all in 2011. :)

The bride and I - after our mini-low-light picture session!  A must have for all my future weddings, pics w/ the brides and grooms!

You will laugh when I tell you what this is.  A BATHROOM, the only place we had a moment to make some images. 30 degree NIGHT weather, doesn't make the best atmosphere for outdoor pictures. :)

Me and the lovely lady who gave me this referral - posing and silly-facing.  It is who we are. We cannot deny it. :)