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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning through failures!

Some of the best results I have gotten lately in my photography...has been learning through failures.  I think we get challenged to produce and push ourselves even BETTER when we fail.  Most times I'm usually seeing where I fail...and asking myself, "Do I want to repeat that?".  Sometimes, you just can't help it - because maybe the challenge is soooooooo intricate, that you miss a few details. 

I'm actually THANKFUL right now for my failures.  I can troubleshoot a lot faster now...and solve problems without emotional outbursts.  I have grown so much in so many areas...but can never get to that place where "I have arrived" . I think we all go into each project with a certain uncertain certainty.  We fight through the intimidation and insecurities and find ourselves being as artists truly are.  Flawed and Imperfect! :)

The 3 words I'll post on my wall next....
"decide. commit. succeed".  from the p90X series.  It is a truth that is evident in our ALL aspects of our lives. :)

have a great week!


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