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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year......letz make some things happen in 2011!!!!

We are going for it alllllllllllll this year. :)

Meanwhile, enjoy a couple of images from a New Years' Eve wedding.
I love what she said, SO HONEST and real.

"Do you know why we waited so long to get a photographer?"....
"Because I hate the camera".....

Her tune soon changed when we had some fun and took some beautiful images.  She is amazingly beautiful with a great family, and they partied all nite long celebrating making it official. :)


See you all in 2011. :)

The bride and I - after our mini-low-light picture session!  A must have for all my future weddings, pics w/ the brides and grooms!

You will laugh when I tell you what this is.  A BATHROOM, the only place we had a moment to make some images. 30 degree NIGHT weather, doesn't make the best atmosphere for outdoor pictures. :)

Me and the lovely lady who gave me this referral - posing and silly-facing.  It is who we are. We cannot deny it. :)

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