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Monday, January 10, 2011

Our first snow....

So the winter season has come....and oh the snow snuck up on us yesterday...leaving us with tattered pieces on the ground today.  :)  I'm always so cold...that i don't like exploring in the snow, but what I did do , was explore with my camera. :)

I decided to try out my new wide angle lens as well as pull out the stops with my old XTI and 28-135 to try to capture a gorgeous blue bird sitting in our tree outside.

I have found that my wide angle looked fine on screen, but the images looked a tad darker on my screen ....but the xti was perfect in my perception of exposure. :) Enjoy the pictures!  That bird was great, only wish i had a super zoom lens...cause all i got was bird butt when i tried to get closer! :)


taken with my XTI - and contrast applied in lightroom. :)
this is my perception of a "wintery mix" - green grass, dead grass, snow and rain drops. - wide angle lens
i actually think this is cute, and he few away 3 seconds later! hahahahaah - bluebird - xti

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