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Friday, May 28, 2010

The gypsies are roaming in the city............

*Career Day* .....with the 4th-6th graders!

Yesterday was super-awesome!
I was invited by my lovely friend to a Career Day with the 4th-6th graders!  I was very very nervous all month waiting for this.  At the last minute - it hit me....I already had a basic slideshow ready to go.  I did 4 sessions BACK TO BACK with maybe 3 minutes before starting the next one! :) 
It was a very interesting day.........and I bumbled over myself...but really, when it came down to it...when I showed the pictures?  It was all good.  I was able to get in a flow by the 2nd time...and actually started showing them a "theme" of reflection.  I was actually giggling inside - and was a little animated. :)  I'm so glad I'm not good at public speaking - because I get to step back after I'm done....and wonder how I made it through.  (God, thank you!) :) 

Here is the last picture I took there for the kids - because they asked. :)
They also asked "what was the last picture you took??!!"...and i pulled out my camera to show them the shots from Deep Ellum wednesday nite.  You gotta love it!  They were a blast and by the end - they were asking for business cards & my autograph.  PRECIOUS.  
Here is a picture that Tamara took of me - I was talking about the picture I took of Chrystine and the trash can. :)  I was showing them how she was standing/sitting during the picture...and then explaining what it was.  It was like a mystery to be solved and got them guessing..."where did she take this picture?" ..."What is that?".... :) very cool.

Here is the room where I got to speak.  We also judged the doors for career day.
they did an AMAZING job on this door (i voted for the highest score here)
CSI anyone?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Super happy fun time!

Here are two super-happy fun things that have happened in the past couple of days!

#1 - Ren Faire!  I got to shoot a Ren Faire wedding...oh my goodness, that has made my year!  I still can't believe how crazee i went with shooting, but you know what - I had a blast. :0  I am posting the BEGINNING of the photo story to tell of these two lovebirds. :) 

#2 - Quick sneak peaky seniors! I did a almost to the last minute double-senior shoot tonite!  We made a quick trip the late hours...and had some fun & made some art. This is by no means even close to being done, it has only begun.

coming soon - GIRL SHOW 2010!

I just recieved word that I'll be in the girlShow this year!!!!!
I can't tell you how nervous I was...knowing I have so much to share, but not really knowing if I would get to make art for this great show this year!

Well it has been announced!

I'm really excited to share some new conceptual art that has to do with "The Perfect 10".
Sometimes I feel my art comes out with no "reason" or purpose....but it is times like that where I have to dig deeper to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

I look forward to doing this.

Thanks to Art Love Magic, for continuing to wow me with their passion.

Much love

Jen of Rarmai Photography

 Mark your calendars!!!!!!!

JULY 9-10th. - 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a Q&A with Jen Sulak of Rarmai Photography.....with Expressive Voices

Meet Jen Shu- of RARMAI creative services (photography & studio)!

Jen lives in Carrollton ,TX and she started her business in the year of 2007 but has been playing with cameras & the art world for a long, long time. You can find her at;

*****How would you describe your business?

(R)eflective (A)typical (R)adiant (M)eaningful (A)stounding (I)nnovative – each letter of the name of my business has a meaning and behind that is the art, the work that I do.

*****How does it make you feel when you are giving to someone with your creative expression?

I really don’t have many words to say about that! Fulfilled? Peaceful? Joyful? Really, I feel so many things on so many various levels when something creative CONNECTS to the person I’m working with or the artwork I may be showing.

*****What helps you to you stay consistent and focused with your creative expression?

Knowing that I have a limited amount of time to reach as many people as possible with my creativity keeps me going. As for staying focused? It takes WORK to stay focused when there is so much going on out there where you can get distracted. I find that once you take time away from your normal routine, you actually find revelation or inspiration. I know that this is just ONE thing that helps me.

***** What do you Love about what you do?

Getting to know people that I would not normally meet or talk to. I get a chance (job by job) to step outside myself to help someone fulfill their dream & vision in photography or art. I’m looking forward to this year being even more challenging & fulfilling than last year! I’m blessed to have support from my husband and some great friends in my life that love me for who I am. It is my dream to help you with your dream, WHILE living my dream.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Seniors 2010!!!!!!

I"ve had the honor of meeting some cool graduates for 2010!!!!
I had a shoot with Briana yesterday...and I was working fast & furious to get her pictures out to her they can get all of the invites out...I think a lot of them turned out so pretty. :):):):)

Congrats Briana! All the best to you and your future!!!!

Senior 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

AND the award goes to.........


I have to tell you that today was really special for me. I asked some friends to help with a project/vision that I have forming in my brain & heart. I'm still figuring all this stuff out...but what I find is that I'm finding it easier to ask for help.

It is not often i'm on the other side of the camera by asking. This was for a purpose that I'm still waiting to be revealed. I do believe I'm a hidden treasure and today I felt pretty.

I have to thank 3 ladies today that spent a few hours having fun with me...Venetia (makeup), Dee (photos) and Sherry (photos). These friendships have been dear to me and I learn so much just by talking to these girls. You just don't know. but maybe you do right? :)

I have to say one of my favorite parts was when I went to bed dreaming of being hung on a clothing rack...I was excited to at least try this concept. I still need more pieces to the puzzle, but at least I'm starting.

In my adventures today...I had a flash of Carol Burnett's old clip of their spool of "Gone with the Wind"...where she had literally taken the curtains out of the window & made a dress. In the movie of course, she actually had sewn a really gorgeous dress. In the spoof, it still had the curtain rod. This explains my sense of humor. If you hadn't gotten this by now. :)

So, today we created this.

"I saw it in the window and i couldn't resist it"......HAHAHAHAAHAH - i dont' remember if Dee or Sherry took this - so i'm crediting all of us LOL

I could not have been happier with the result as funny as it looks. :)

I had to put total trust into the other photographers of the capture what could or could not be something I wanted. Sometimes you just have to do it. :)

I'm blessed to know many of you.
Thank you for being you.

more to come...............
May isn't over yet ppl.

matter of fact
I got a call today from a gallery requesting art...
I think my jaw hit the floor. :)

more details to come soon.

peace out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It only gets better from here! WHAT!!!! you need a wedding photographer???

well, guess what
I'm here & available!!!

Take a look at my work...and if you feel that we connect creatively, please give me a call!

Wind, Snow, Gypsies & FUN! :)

Part of my lovely photography job in this to help others with their visions...and I love it when someone comes along and has something I've never done out there for me to try....
I had found this location by accident...and it seemed to fit perfectly with our beginning themes. 

This will probably be a series...and as of last nite...most likely a big storybook. LOL :)

Sometimes I don't feel like i'm equipped to tell stories in photos, but I am ok with capturing a moment that just happens to be there.  I hope it comes across and you see what I mean! :)

I did about half my shooting in the blue monocrhome.  Which still gives a different look to things when I finish in lightroom.  These blue wings turn to "metal" and very bug-like.  We got several shots of her in this area with a feeling of insectly images.
After sitting for a few moments in the humidity...she started playing with her hair...I asked her to leave it like that...and just be.  This is what came of this.  :)
This is a blend of several images...when i started editing last nite I was really really enjoying the sky we got last nite before the sun was completely down.  This tree was just screaming for our attention, so we listened. :)  This is just a piece of art from it. :)
This is another blended image...that turned out really cool.  I think to really see it great, it needs to be bigger, but my journal's images can only go so big before they get chopped off. :)  I'll show you the image this was inspired from. :)
This image has only a little Lightroom to it.  Mostly contrast.  The sky was really that gloomy & mysterious...and the lights behind her are from tennis courts. :)  I love that I had no rules or regulations to follow when creating these images.  High ISO?  so what!  I was able to shoot whatever I wanted to make something happen.  I try to use this approach every time...while fulfilling someone's dream/vision...I too, get to play around with the products. :) 
I hope you enjoyed this little journey from last nite!!! There is more to come, as this will become a series of events & images that will be fun to watch or enjoy for a while.  I'm enjoying my life...and certainly enjoying the photos that are happening.

Have a GREAT rest of your week and weekend!

ALL things are possible!

Monday, May 10, 2010

If it seems slow in coming, wait. It's on its way. It will come right on time.

This is the story of ME right now.
Everything seems like slow-motion.
yet I hold fast to the words that God keeps giving me...
I am not forgotten.
There are things I'm meant to do, that only I can do.

Actually when I watch slo-mo itz funny.
but living in slo-mo always seems just SLOW. hahahaah

either way.
I'm loving life.

going to new places.

this has come to me tonite.

Habakkuk 2:2 (The Message)

Full of Self, but Soul-Empty
2-3And then God answered: "Write this.
Write what you see.
Write it out in big block letters
so that it can be read on the run.
This vision-message is a witness
pointing to what's coming.
It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait!
And it doesn't lie.
If it seems slow in coming, wait.
It's on its way. It will come right on time.

(The Message version)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creative Ideas: big or small.

I try to stay CALM when things don't move fast...or furious like so many others around me...I remain STEADY in my faith in what God has for me....for ME, not anyone else.  My life is unique to me...and that being said...I'm moving at a pace I don't usually like ....SLOW. haahahah!  I knew when I first started my business journey God has promised to me that laying the FOUNDATION would be the lasting factor in my purpose and in the success.  When I first heard that I was like...YEA! YEA GOD that makes total sense!!!!!

And then I got a taste of the fast life.


The fast life is so exciting!  You move from job to job to job...and you get encouraged & empowered with each job you do.  Then, silence.  Then you ask questions as to "what happened?"...well, exactly what God said would happen.  A slow steady stream of foundation building.  Without a good foundation, it will all crumble.  I'm going to stick to this word of promise and NOT be fearful or move out of His will for my life.

So I return back to CHANGE.  The change is inside, not external.  For the past few years I've been changing takes me a while to get things I know.  God knows this.  But, once I get it, I definitely live it.  We all have seasons & cycles.  I am embracing this next phase and definitely embracing the original vision I had for this business when I started.  It has never been about me.  That is why I don't use my name for it. 

I just thought of some things I have talked about, but never done.  I'm writing some notes down.  I'm going to purpose to put this into action over this next month.  My problem is needing accountability.  I am praying for mentors & accountability partners of all kinds.  God knows I need folks in my life that have the time to care about what I'm doing and being the best person I can be right here, right now and for the future.

And so I leave you...

I'm looking forward to a couple of projects I have boiling.  I'm not disappearing anytime soon.  I'm living the dream and making things happen.  You have only seen the beginning. :)

Much Love to you


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BEGINNER Wedding Photography workshop!!!

Everything you wanted to know about the realistic photography aspects of a wedding!  This is mostly for beginners that have either never shot a wedding or those that just wanna learn some more tips, hints & suggestions for working a wedding. :)

This is everything I didn't learn in a classroom, but learned while doing it.  It is a perfect workshop for those that wanna know how to get started, being confident, dealing with stress and getting the shots you need!!!!

Saturday, May 22nd 
Location: Carrollton TX  (details of time & location to come)

For more info & to RSVP:
Rarmai Photography


Jen Sulak
here to INSPIRE, Encourage and Aspire to be all I can be!