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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wind, Snow, Gypsies & FUN! :)

Part of my lovely photography job in this to help others with their visions...and I love it when someone comes along and has something I've never done out there for me to try....
I had found this location by accident...and it seemed to fit perfectly with our beginning themes. 

This will probably be a series...and as of last nite...most likely a big storybook. LOL :)

Sometimes I don't feel like i'm equipped to tell stories in photos, but I am ok with capturing a moment that just happens to be there.  I hope it comes across and you see what I mean! :)

I did about half my shooting in the blue monocrhome.  Which still gives a different look to things when I finish in lightroom.  These blue wings turn to "metal" and very bug-like.  We got several shots of her in this area with a feeling of insectly images.
After sitting for a few moments in the humidity...she started playing with her hair...I asked her to leave it like that...and just be.  This is what came of this.  :)
This is a blend of several images...when i started editing last nite I was really really enjoying the sky we got last nite before the sun was completely down.  This tree was just screaming for our attention, so we listened. :)  This is just a piece of art from it. :)
This is another blended image...that turned out really cool.  I think to really see it great, it needs to be bigger, but my journal's images can only go so big before they get chopped off. :)  I'll show you the image this was inspired from. :)
This image has only a little Lightroom to it.  Mostly contrast.  The sky was really that gloomy & mysterious...and the lights behind her are from tennis courts. :)  I love that I had no rules or regulations to follow when creating these images.  High ISO?  so what!  I was able to shoot whatever I wanted to make something happen.  I try to use this approach every time...while fulfilling someone's dream/vision...I too, get to play around with the products. :) 
I hope you enjoyed this little journey from last nite!!! There is more to come, as this will become a series of events & images that will be fun to watch or enjoy for a while.  I'm enjoying my life...and certainly enjoying the photos that are happening.

Have a GREAT rest of your week and weekend!

ALL things are possible!

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