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Friday, May 28, 2010

*Career Day* .....with the 4th-6th graders!

Yesterday was super-awesome!
I was invited by my lovely friend to a Career Day with the 4th-6th graders!  I was very very nervous all month waiting for this.  At the last minute - it hit me....I already had a basic slideshow ready to go.  I did 4 sessions BACK TO BACK with maybe 3 minutes before starting the next one! :) 
It was a very interesting day.........and I bumbled over myself...but really, when it came down to it...when I showed the pictures?  It was all good.  I was able to get in a flow by the 2nd time...and actually started showing them a "theme" of reflection.  I was actually giggling inside - and was a little animated. :)  I'm so glad I'm not good at public speaking - because I get to step back after I'm done....and wonder how I made it through.  (God, thank you!) :) 

Here is the last picture I took there for the kids - because they asked. :)
They also asked "what was the last picture you took??!!"...and i pulled out my camera to show them the shots from Deep Ellum wednesday nite.  You gotta love it!  They were a blast and by the end - they were asking for business cards & my autograph.  PRECIOUS.  
Here is a picture that Tamara took of me - I was talking about the picture I took of Chrystine and the trash can. :)  I was showing them how she was standing/sitting during the picture...and then explaining what it was.  It was like a mystery to be solved and got them guessing..."where did she take this picture?" ..."What is that?".... :) very cool.

Here is the room where I got to speak.  We also judged the doors for career day.
they did an AMAZING job on this door (i voted for the highest score here)
CSI anyone?

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