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Saturday, May 15, 2010

AND the award goes to.........


I have to tell you that today was really special for me. I asked some friends to help with a project/vision that I have forming in my brain & heart. I'm still figuring all this stuff out...but what I find is that I'm finding it easier to ask for help.

It is not often i'm on the other side of the camera by asking. This was for a purpose that I'm still waiting to be revealed. I do believe I'm a hidden treasure and today I felt pretty.

I have to thank 3 ladies today that spent a few hours having fun with me...Venetia (makeup), Dee (photos) and Sherry (photos). These friendships have been dear to me and I learn so much just by talking to these girls. You just don't know. but maybe you do right? :)

I have to say one of my favorite parts was when I went to bed dreaming of being hung on a clothing rack...I was excited to at least try this concept. I still need more pieces to the puzzle, but at least I'm starting.

In my adventures today...I had a flash of Carol Burnett's old clip of their spool of "Gone with the Wind"...where she had literally taken the curtains out of the window & made a dress. In the movie of course, she actually had sewn a really gorgeous dress. In the spoof, it still had the curtain rod. This explains my sense of humor. If you hadn't gotten this by now. :)

So, today we created this.

"I saw it in the window and i couldn't resist it"......HAHAHAHAAHAH - i dont' remember if Dee or Sherry took this - so i'm crediting all of us LOL

I could not have been happier with the result as funny as it looks. :)

I had to put total trust into the other photographers of the capture what could or could not be something I wanted. Sometimes you just have to do it. :)

I'm blessed to know many of you.
Thank you for being you.

more to come...............
May isn't over yet ppl.

matter of fact
I got a call today from a gallery requesting art...
I think my jaw hit the floor. :)

more details to come soon.

peace out.

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