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Monday, February 27, 2012

UNDERGROUND 4 montage, of yay. presents: UNDERGROUND 4 from on Vimeo.

here is a nice montage of the event....and i'm about at :41 seconds in....
doing my thing.

I really did have a BLAST at this event.
Thanks for coming out!!!


LOS ANGELES..........Dream Center July 2012.

Helllllllllo everyone!
Well, I have been WAITING for this opportunity to come...and now it has been announced!!!!
The missions trip to the LA DREAM CENTER will be July 2nd-7th, 2012.

If you want to see what they are about, 
you HAVE to see what they are about.

This video is what moved me additionally to embrace the opportunity.  It is not like I have this huge impact on people...and stuff, but what I do with what I have, I give my ALL to things.  Be it a photo shoot, a workshop, a time of learning (to be SERIOUS).  I'm not going to PRETEND I don't get a little selfish from time to time. 

We ALLLLLLLL get a little de-sensitized to the importance of helping and reaching out to others.  I, by nature, and very reclusive and shy.  This can come across as un-caring, but it is far from what my true heart is.  I feel that my HEART needs a check-up.  So, in order to pursue this - I am going to take this opportunity and run with it. 

I will keep you updated on how you can donate/pray for me....and I think it would be really really cool, if you have a heart to see people helped and moved into a place of purpose - I will take the overflow of donations to present to them along with my team. :)  There is potentially 25-50 people going to serve there that week.

I hope to be one of those.
Trip cost estimate:  650-750 depending on flight costs as well.

Please consider giving as it allows, and know that as you give, I give out as well.  My time, creative energies, God's love....I'm consistently giving out what I a person and as a creation.  100% of your donations goes to them.

Much love to you all!!!!

and see you soon!!!!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

The next few weeks....

These next few weeks are really going to be a BLAST of information and education...and rest and joy!  I'm so so so excited to take myself to another personal that everything else in my life also goes up a level. :)  It is all enter-twined in my freedom...and my purpose. :)

First off....this weekend.

One of my fav women preachers of all time....the kind of person who speaks truth in a way you CAN receive it....a no-nonsense way of learning with love.   I look forward to soaking in some things...that can and will be useful in my rest times as well as busy times. :)

Throwing in a bit of FUN into the mix....I've been able to go to Orlando coming soon...for a celebration of fandom and the new show in Orlando .....I'll be heading over there to enjoy some good times and laughs with my friends & fellow blue peeps. :) 

And then to round out my lovely weeks....attending the women's conference at Covenant Church is going to be a truly end and beginning of the next phase of life.  I've already just been OVERWHELMED at the lineup for the days we have set up...and how much I'm going to learn and soak in for myself and my business.  Really my biz IS myself....I love what I'm doing and where I'm going.

Should be QUITE an adventure. :)  I have a lot to "do" before my next phase of life...and I need to get started....and embrace my creative journey.  Peace.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thanks all for UNDERGROUND....

There is much more to be said....but I have to say it was an amazing event...and the booth turned out took a lot of hours that no one knew about...and I was there prepping from 145pm til it started...then tore down after midnite. :)  Thanks to everyone involved...EVERYONE!!!!

Here are 2 pictures that tell you about my day.....

Here is my art piece that I donated to Kettle Art - every year before Valentine's day....the community creates art on 9x12 boards....and I decided to get my creativity on and do my first 3-D type piece out of my photography....ENJOY the piece!!!!! :)All proceeds went to the SUPPORT of Kettle Art in Deep Ellum.

This booth was created from many HOURS of assembly, painting, airbrushing and me hanging the lights. :)  I cannot take too much credit, because I maybe did 20% of the work.  But I was able to help transform this idea...and get the space-like feel that we wanted for our underground space. :)  It was a monster booth, and I'm thankful I got to do something BRAND NEW to myself as an artist...and got to push myself and play. :)  There will be more photos coming up soon, but this was taken by Snow for me....and I had a blast. :)

Here is a nice wide phone shot taken by Hallie.  I love that you can see me...I just happened to see her taking a picture...and gave her my Blue Man salute. :)  That is me, my box...and the huge event I was a part of.  This was only ONE room that Underground took over. <3

U can see me....right?  I'm standing at my lovely booth...and doing what I do best....

Thank you everyone that came out, I feel supported and loved.
There is nothing like a community to help keep you going.  Lots of amazing people out there!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

OH MY GOODNESS!!! tonite is the night!!!! starting at 8pm.

For the VIP's they get in at 7pm....LUCKY!

Anyways...........I just saw the booth going up tonite (Friday)....and am excited to get out there and create for all of the only way I know how....with fun...innovation...and more.

I'll be doing a lot of things on the fly...because this set is the biggest I've ever done EVER.
This is the BIGGEST art show i've ever done.
Everything is super new for me.  


I'll be having these hanging on the "outside" of my BOX! yes...I'm truly taking over an 8x8x8 create images for you. ;)  I'll see the awesome mural tomorrow....SURPRISE!!!!!

I have a pile of some older art images as well - you can see how I began some of my creativiity...with prints of my old drawings....and much more...only $4 each - in honor of Underground 4. :) 
Oh this is only a teaser! :)

Bring exact change in cash if you can - all proceeds go towards my business so I am able to continue to do these amazing COMMUNITY events and really shine my light!!!! :)  I am blessed to be a blessing....

Hope to see you!!!!!

For all information:

Thank you!!!!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

UNDERGROUND this Saturday, 8pm - Midnite @ South Side on Lamar

If you didn't know this already....I've been posting on my FB pages about UNDERGROUND!  It is one of the largest creative events of the Southside on Lamar!!! Pre-sale tix are only $7....and you get a night packed full of fun and art and music.  It is hard to explain what it is....without you going to it.  :)

I'll be there in my pink-headed-glory to shoot you in space....we are cooking up an amazingly fun photo booth to create fun images that will soar into space....literally :)  We are going to take you into this world...and make it happen!!!! :)  Please come see us!!!!  It is going to be a blast!!!!

so, come see me Jen, with Pink Light..........and get your glowy spacey self on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Brandon and Katrina's story.....told overseas! :)

So in the bride's own words....she tells her wedding story....and shares what made their day special.  All images were captured by me and my husband all day.  It is hard to tell a VERY detailed story in just 3 pages...but thanks to Altared magazine for featuring this. :) It was great to see the results. :)  

You can see the online magazine HERE;

To see the full FEATURE of the can check out my wedding gallery that captures their entire day and tells more of the story. :)  ENJOY!!!!

Enjoy everything yall! Be inspired by love!!!!

Pirates & Princess Wedding