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Monday, February 13, 2012

Thanks all for UNDERGROUND....

There is much more to be said....but I have to say it was an amazing event...and the booth turned out took a lot of hours that no one knew about...and I was there prepping from 145pm til it started...then tore down after midnite. :)  Thanks to everyone involved...EVERYONE!!!!

Here are 2 pictures that tell you about my day.....

Here is my art piece that I donated to Kettle Art - every year before Valentine's day....the community creates art on 9x12 boards....and I decided to get my creativity on and do my first 3-D type piece out of my photography....ENJOY the piece!!!!! :)All proceeds went to the SUPPORT of Kettle Art in Deep Ellum.

This booth was created from many HOURS of assembly, painting, airbrushing and me hanging the lights. :)  I cannot take too much credit, because I maybe did 20% of the work.  But I was able to help transform this idea...and get the space-like feel that we wanted for our underground space. :)  It was a monster booth, and I'm thankful I got to do something BRAND NEW to myself as an artist...and got to push myself and play. :)  There will be more photos coming up soon, but this was taken by Snow for me....and I had a blast. :)

Here is a nice wide phone shot taken by Hallie.  I love that you can see me...I just happened to see her taking a picture...and gave her my Blue Man salute. :)  That is me, my box...and the huge event I was a part of.  This was only ONE room that Underground took over. <3

U can see me....right?  I'm standing at my lovely booth...and doing what I do best....

Thank you everyone that came out, I feel supported and loved.
There is nothing like a community to help keep you going.  Lots of amazing people out there!


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