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Friday, July 31, 2009

FREE gazing of artwork starting 2nite at 7pm!!! at LIFE in Deep Ellum.

If you can't make next weekends HUGE, live, interactive event...join us tonite for the opening of the gallery!from 7-10pm you can gaze wonderfully at all the art that is on display there RIGHT NOW!....for freeeee!!!!

WHERE: LIFE in Deep Ellum, 2803 Taylor St.(on corner of Malcolm X and Taylor)

DIRECTIONS FROM highway 75 (coming south)
take Hwy 75 Southexit "Downtown - Good Latimer"
take a left on LIVE OAKthe right on GOOD-LATIMER
take a left on Main OR Commerce
then a RIGHT on Malcolm X.
When you get to TAYLOR, it is RIGHT THERE. (on the right)

Hope that helps you!!!!!hope to see you.Remember, you can go see the art starting TONITE...and for FREE all this weekend and next week at LIFE/Mokah Coffee Bar. So from 7/31 to 8/6/09 you can view for FREE. Please go see!!!!You won't be disappointed!!!!!peace.

for more info or to answer the question WHAT IS THIS?

and here is my you tube video

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Bells!!!!!!! :)

so as you know...i've been in business since about June of 2007....and what i've found is that my faith has only gotten stronger...for when you are doing what you love...that doesn't mean u still don't have to do things u hate...

u know like, accounting, marketing, "sales"...all that crap that i hate...but itz the things i have to do in order for my business to succeed!along with prayer and active FAITH.

well, God's been working wonders lately for i have requests that i will make known to God! *smile*Not only do i enjoy doing what i love, but getting paid for it really helps me to help so many others. The more i learn...the more i earn...and the more i give of myself to you, my clients and future clients. :)

Dear God, I need about 4 weddings booked before December 31, 2009. :) Thank you!

God knows why...and that is all that counts! amen!

Much love to you and photographic creative fun!


Friday, July 24, 2009

the journey of Atomic Pink....

really, this has been SUCH a be around and start to get to know SO many creative ppl in the DFW metroplex...itz amazing...and can see artwork inspired by my hair & photograph by Hal Samples.

to the graphic artists and their work...their flyers...and more....

and to the wonderful videotaping Daniel help me make a video for my family that is out of state...and whom i'd LOVE to share this experience with. After all, i came from them...and here is my gift back to them. :)

The youtube link:


It has been a blast to be a small part of something pretty large growing in DFW....the rise of Deep Ellum and the ARTS community. With Art Love Magic and many other passionate community-based groups forming and moving forward...I have no doubts...that DE will be a place to BE once again...and be creative, be accepted & encouraged to create. :)

For me, this journey started this early early spring...volunteering for the "Underground" show at the Southside on Lamar...and even before that as an assistant to my great friend Amanda at her first showing with ALM. :) They saw my hair, asked what it was called...and thus ATOMIC PINK was born. No, i didn't make this up - if you look up atomic pink haircolor - you too, will see. :)

I hope that you can all come out & see...

the show is August 7 & 8th - from 8pm to midnite.

all info is available at

for directions - i would google/yahoo them, but also maybe do a test drive down there. Deep Ellum can be a lil confusing to get to!!!!

OH, and don't forget to check out the mural art painted by Frank Campagna

on good-latimer & main street!

Monday, July 20, 2009

We ROCKED the house!!!!

I have to say this past Saturday....was one of the coolest days of my life! YEA!
I set up one solo light in the corner and used a corner of Space...and a quaint couch as my "backdrop"...
This weekend held a LOT of firsts for me...#1, never used one light before #2, never had this huge an event w/ VENDORS before. #3...never modeled clothing before #4 never multi-tasked so much more in my life w/ GREAT results! OMG. It was amazing. We had great vendors...great fashion lines...and great people showed up to give their clothing to Mina4...and left us a lil happier, a lil lighter & very dancey! (thanks to the dj)
Here are some of our highlights.
Come join us next time!

here are some of the few fashions that are from Adora's! :)

lovely photographer friends....aren't they cute, all takin pictures & such! haha!!!!

modeling, fierce i tell ya! fierce!

There are so much more at

enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This coming SATURDAY!!!!!

So, it is almosth here! We have been prepping & planning a huge event for all the women of DFW. It is a day of shopping, giving, pampering and more. It doesn't cost you more than your time and shopping doesn't always take $ to have a good time. We are going to have a BLAST up at Space Studio this Saturday - July 18th 10am to 230pm.
This began as an idea merely from my friend starting her fashion business...and from there...we had sat on this for a few months...and now, here it is! Space has been gracious enough to help us have a nice space to rent with character and need! It is a wonderful loft space around downtown in Deep Ellum.
Deep Ellum? WOW, hadn't heard that in a while eh? Well, mostly because it had been giving a bad name...and businesses had closed. Well, there are some places re-opening down there along with a new sushi place...and TREES is now re-opening too. It used to be a heartbeat of music/art/and everything else creative in DFW. I went to many concerts myself down there back in the day.
Now here we are, back into the community of Deep Ellum about to have our event. I have to tell you itz exciting, and definitely a dream come true.
I will be doing some photography there - but was hoping to pass off some knowlege and time to other photographers to have fun...and learn some things hands-on! We will plan on doing some event photography as well as a photo booth for the fashion side!
We hope to have at least 2-3 announced "fashion shows" meaning we will have a lil informal catwalk with music & everything! Itz going to be SO fun...and the best times I have ever had are around ppl that like to do the things I do!
Well, please invite all the ladies you know...feel free to pass this around....
our registration site (the event is free) is
otherwise, jsut show up at the door and get ready to GIVE, have some fun and leave feeling empowered & uniquely blessed!
Much love to ya
Jen S.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer fun!!!!

I have some great friends that love to model for me...some new, some older friends...meaning...i've known them longer, not they are OLDER ! hahahaah I've always wanted to do some kind of water shoot...and last thursday...we were able to throw something together!!! So, here are some of the results. I'm loving this learning curve i'm getting...and very soon, we are going to try night-shooting w/ strobes, etc. :) ENJOY!