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Friday, July 24, 2009

the journey of Atomic Pink....

really, this has been SUCH a be around and start to get to know SO many creative ppl in the DFW metroplex...itz amazing...and can see artwork inspired by my hair & photograph by Hal Samples.

to the graphic artists and their work...their flyers...and more....

and to the wonderful videotaping Daniel help me make a video for my family that is out of state...and whom i'd LOVE to share this experience with. After all, i came from them...and here is my gift back to them. :)

The youtube link:


It has been a blast to be a small part of something pretty large growing in DFW....the rise of Deep Ellum and the ARTS community. With Art Love Magic and many other passionate community-based groups forming and moving forward...I have no doubts...that DE will be a place to BE once again...and be creative, be accepted & encouraged to create. :)

For me, this journey started this early early spring...volunteering for the "Underground" show at the Southside on Lamar...and even before that as an assistant to my great friend Amanda at her first showing with ALM. :) They saw my hair, asked what it was called...and thus ATOMIC PINK was born. No, i didn't make this up - if you look up atomic pink haircolor - you too, will see. :)

I hope that you can all come out & see...

the show is August 7 & 8th - from 8pm to midnite.

all info is available at

for directions - i would google/yahoo them, but also maybe do a test drive down there. Deep Ellum can be a lil confusing to get to!!!!

OH, and don't forget to check out the mural art painted by Frank Campagna

on good-latimer & main street!

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