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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This coming SATURDAY!!!!!

So, it is almosth here! We have been prepping & planning a huge event for all the women of DFW. It is a day of shopping, giving, pampering and more. It doesn't cost you more than your time and shopping doesn't always take $ to have a good time. We are going to have a BLAST up at Space Studio this Saturday - July 18th 10am to 230pm.
This began as an idea merely from my friend starting her fashion business...and from there...we had sat on this for a few months...and now, here it is! Space has been gracious enough to help us have a nice space to rent with character and need! It is a wonderful loft space around downtown in Deep Ellum.
Deep Ellum? WOW, hadn't heard that in a while eh? Well, mostly because it had been giving a bad name...and businesses had closed. Well, there are some places re-opening down there along with a new sushi place...and TREES is now re-opening too. It used to be a heartbeat of music/art/and everything else creative in DFW. I went to many concerts myself down there back in the day.
Now here we are, back into the community of Deep Ellum about to have our event. I have to tell you itz exciting, and definitely a dream come true.
I will be doing some photography there - but was hoping to pass off some knowlege and time to other photographers to have fun...and learn some things hands-on! We will plan on doing some event photography as well as a photo booth for the fashion side!
We hope to have at least 2-3 announced "fashion shows" meaning we will have a lil informal catwalk with music & everything! Itz going to be SO fun...and the best times I have ever had are around ppl that like to do the things I do!
Well, please invite all the ladies you know...feel free to pass this around....
our registration site (the event is free) is
otherwise, jsut show up at the door and get ready to GIVE, have some fun and leave feeling empowered & uniquely blessed!
Much love to ya
Jen S.

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