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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Bells!!!!!!! :)

so as you know...i've been in business since about June of 2007....and what i've found is that my faith has only gotten stronger...for when you are doing what you love...that doesn't mean u still don't have to do things u hate...

u know like, accounting, marketing, "sales"...all that crap that i hate...but itz the things i have to do in order for my business to succeed!along with prayer and active FAITH.

well, God's been working wonders lately for i have requests that i will make known to God! *smile*Not only do i enjoy doing what i love, but getting paid for it really helps me to help so many others. The more i learn...the more i earn...and the more i give of myself to you, my clients and future clients. :)

Dear God, I need about 4 weddings booked before December 31, 2009. :) Thank you!

God knows why...and that is all that counts! amen!

Much love to you and photographic creative fun!


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