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Monday, July 20, 2009

We ROCKED the house!!!!

I have to say this past Saturday....was one of the coolest days of my life! YEA!
I set up one solo light in the corner and used a corner of Space...and a quaint couch as my "backdrop"...
This weekend held a LOT of firsts for me...#1, never used one light before #2, never had this huge an event w/ VENDORS before. #3...never modeled clothing before #4 never multi-tasked so much more in my life w/ GREAT results! OMG. It was amazing. We had great vendors...great fashion lines...and great people showed up to give their clothing to Mina4...and left us a lil happier, a lil lighter & very dancey! (thanks to the dj)
Here are some of our highlights.
Come join us next time!

here are some of the few fashions that are from Adora's! :)

lovely photographer friends....aren't they cute, all takin pictures & such! haha!!!!

modeling, fierce i tell ya! fierce!

There are so much more at

enjoy! :)

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