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Sunday, March 27, 2011

SUNDAY, April 3rd 2011

I have a lot  to tell you dear blog............
but first..........

wanted to remind everyone of the FUN FREE sessions I have coming up in Deep Ellum on April 3rd!  Come find me at Main & Crowdus to take advantage of this awesome offer...that I am giving you...I am anticipating lots and lots of FUN....and great turnouts of people walking the streets and all the artists & musicians will be doing what they do....and LOVING every minute!!!!

The entire festival is April 1-3rd.
Find more at: and

Thanks to ALL who made this happen....we have a lovely lovely community out there...and we LOVE sharing our passions with you!!! So, get out there-  support your local community artists...and I'll see YOU at the Sunday time slot of 3pm til 7pm!!!!



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vintage surprise part 1.

I call this part 1............because this was really a last minute process.........with the accessories at hand...thanks to Sabre and her GREAT growing collection of vintage type pieces. :) I just had to photograph her!  So, up next...phase 2..........i'm very excited!


Friday, March 18, 2011

THESE!!!!!!!!! are the days.

I know one's happiness and joy shouldn't be based solely on awesome things happening....
but today has started to be a GREAT DAY.

I setup a quick shoot with Maria...and was pleased that she was ready to work when I got there.....and I had brought in a dress that fit her PERFECT. I was amazed!

I'm trying more new things...and trying to play with lighting....we didn't get to take a trip to any other locations, so her yard had to do.  :)  Seeing green grass and the sunlight...makes me HAPPY inside!  Then to top it off...with gorgeous pictures to boot?  Today has started grand. :)

I hope that you are out there right now, getting inspired to make some wonderful SPRING images this season!!!!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love when I stop to rest...because it means....a great time to hear the world around not be superly consumed with do my laundry...(yay!) have my own adventure and see a person I hadn't seen in a year....(or more) know that this entire day is just for me....and that I need to clean out my that I can have a full day of shooting tomorrow.

I'm just glad I have this time to really sit still for a while....
I actually shouldn't even be typing...I did so much work this weekend...that my hands started tingling...which is a sign of overuse...when it happens...I have to STOP using my hands on the keyboard...but here I am... heheh! I promise I'm signing off. :)

I'm glad my camera hand is my right hand...because it seems to be stronger than my left hand. :)

I hope you enjoy your day....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life's challenges!

I'm thankful for challenges...but sometimes the emotional roller coaster ride that I take gets me on highs and lows when working....I get so many creative highs...then can plunge into lows of questions and doubts.  That is what I do love about life though.  To pretend you have it all together, is pretty false.  I am happy to say I'm never perfect...only trying my best!  I'm excited to share a brief image with you that was captured without the bride knowing.  :)  I have come to be very sneaky in what I do....and quite a few times I'm getting these *real* images when you least expect it.  I love doing that.  I get happy when I "get it"!

Keith & Melanie - TEASER Gallery!

Someone asked me recently....besides photography...what are your interests? 
My interests are helping people...and serving help them be more than they rise above all circumstances....and shine like the bright light they can be.

I give lovely bride...with whom a wedding I booked 24 hours in advance.
I was nervous and would probably give myself about a 90% average on how I tackled this *test*.  I can always improve...but knowing that I did get some amazingly real and stunning what matters most to me.  Because to them, it is priceless and they will look at these forever. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Deep Ellum ARTS Festival! :)

I just wanted to take quick moment to share my flyer with you!
I added the logo from the website and Art Love Magic's logo!  ALM is the reason I get to be there and create LIVE art with you! 

We certainly hope to see you there this year!
April 1-3rd - Deep Ellum TX

Friday, March 4, 2011

the FUN in the life of a Wedding Photographer............

I LOVE shooting weddings!
Ok, see, I walk into so many challenges....LIGHTING challenges...but more often than challenge is also working in cramped spaces!  Can you see the lovely shot I have here??? I'm so in love with this photo - because it shows what a great time I'm having.  I'm very animated and work very quickly sometimes.  Sometimes, I'm so sneaky - you are like WHAT? we are done? :) 

I'm thankful to have done quite a few weddings and failed many times, but also learn to embrace the success I get in capturing all those moments that make that day real. :)


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some of the fun from the weekend!

A natural moment.....
A moment of wheelage...
One of the lovely models of the day....
A perspective....