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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life's challenges!

I'm thankful for challenges...but sometimes the emotional roller coaster ride that I take gets me on highs and lows when working....I get so many creative highs...then can plunge into lows of questions and doubts.  That is what I do love about life though.  To pretend you have it all together, is pretty false.  I am happy to say I'm never perfect...only trying my best!  I'm excited to share a brief image with you that was captured without the bride knowing.  :)  I have come to be very sneaky in what I do....and quite a few times I'm getting these *real* images when you least expect it.  I love doing that.  I get happy when I "get it"!

Keith & Melanie - TEASER Gallery!

Someone asked me recently....besides photography...what are your interests? 
My interests are helping people...and serving help them be more than they rise above all circumstances....and shine like the bright light they can be.

I give lovely bride...with whom a wedding I booked 24 hours in advance.
I was nervous and would probably give myself about a 90% average on how I tackled this *test*.  I can always improve...but knowing that I did get some amazingly real and stunning what matters most to me.  Because to them, it is priceless and they will look at these forever. :)

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