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Monday, February 20, 2012

The next few weeks....

These next few weeks are really going to be a BLAST of information and education...and rest and joy!  I'm so so so excited to take myself to another personal that everything else in my life also goes up a level. :)  It is all enter-twined in my freedom...and my purpose. :)

First off....this weekend.

One of my fav women preachers of all time....the kind of person who speaks truth in a way you CAN receive it....a no-nonsense way of learning with love.   I look forward to soaking in some things...that can and will be useful in my rest times as well as busy times. :)

Throwing in a bit of FUN into the mix....I've been able to go to Orlando coming soon...for a celebration of fandom and the new show in Orlando .....I'll be heading over there to enjoy some good times and laughs with my friends & fellow blue peeps. :) 

And then to round out my lovely weeks....attending the women's conference at Covenant Church is going to be a truly end and beginning of the next phase of life.  I've already just been OVERWHELMED at the lineup for the days we have set up...and how much I'm going to learn and soak in for myself and my business.  Really my biz IS myself....I love what I'm doing and where I'm going.

Should be QUITE an adventure. :)  I have a lot to "do" before my next phase of life...and I need to get started....and embrace my creative journey.  Peace.

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