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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creative Ideas: big or small.

I try to stay CALM when things don't move fast...or furious like so many others around me...I remain STEADY in my faith in what God has for me....for ME, not anyone else.  My life is unique to me...and that being said...I'm moving at a pace I don't usually like ....SLOW. haahahah!  I knew when I first started my business journey God has promised to me that laying the FOUNDATION would be the lasting factor in my purpose and in the success.  When I first heard that I was like...YEA! YEA GOD that makes total sense!!!!!

And then I got a taste of the fast life.


The fast life is so exciting!  You move from job to job to job...and you get encouraged & empowered with each job you do.  Then, silence.  Then you ask questions as to "what happened?"...well, exactly what God said would happen.  A slow steady stream of foundation building.  Without a good foundation, it will all crumble.  I'm going to stick to this word of promise and NOT be fearful or move out of His will for my life.

So I return back to CHANGE.  The change is inside, not external.  For the past few years I've been changing takes me a while to get things I know.  God knows this.  But, once I get it, I definitely live it.  We all have seasons & cycles.  I am embracing this next phase and definitely embracing the original vision I had for this business when I started.  It has never been about me.  That is why I don't use my name for it. 

I just thought of some things I have talked about, but never done.  I'm writing some notes down.  I'm going to purpose to put this into action over this next month.  My problem is needing accountability.  I am praying for mentors & accountability partners of all kinds.  God knows I need folks in my life that have the time to care about what I'm doing and being the best person I can be right here, right now and for the future.

And so I leave you...

I'm looking forward to a couple of projects I have boiling.  I'm not disappearing anytime soon.  I'm living the dream and making things happen.  You have only seen the beginning. :)

Much Love to you


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