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Friday, January 28, 2011

It is the final details that can drive ya wild!

I'm in the final moments of this project here.
I have made a LOT of progress in the hopes of launching on time, but I'm not so sure I'll have everything up by Jan 31.  It might be later next week. :)

This has to be the hardest process for me....because I am my own *EVERYTHING* and I found lately that I have had a hard time delegating certain things and getting timely results.  So, I am back to my drawing board getting my own stuff done again. :)  Thanks to the help of a few...I'm off to a good start.

I'm sure this year will hold a lot more changes than this...I like to think of this as phase 1 Revelation.  I think there will be a Phase 2 and 3 in the coming months. :)  But getting this part done is a big step. :)

Embracing who I am fully.

I still can't wait to share....this is so fun for me.
I do love it, it is just really really really really hard work. :)

and I promise, back on FB soon - i miss everyone. :)

the ups and downs....of the journey of light.

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