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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A time to dream, A time to live the dream.

There are cycles and changes in our lives all the time.
There are times when we are asleep, hibernating, there are times of growing....
There are times when you get discouraged...and just plain up impatient....
There are times when you spend so much time comparing your life to others...that you always forget that you have YOUR life to live too....
We have all been given a chance to live a dream....
It doesn't always make sense, but it should make some sense to you.
It should shake and quake your heart if you cannot do this dream inside you.
It should make you uncomfortable, even though it is the right thing and the true thing for you.
The unknown usually IS uncomfortable.
All I know is - I'm tasting the next year 2011...and it is good.
I cannot believe the things I'll be walking into.
The things that won't make sense to you, but PERFECT sense to me.
I've spent 34 years to get here.
Wish I could have come here sooner, but you know that timing is everything.
I can't wait for this next year.
May YOUR year be a year of awesomeness, of dreams coming true and happiness and joy, wherever you are. 

Much Love

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