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Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats to the Graduates!

I spent a very large portion of my weekend taking photos and uploading photos for the TWU Pinning Ceremony! I have to say CONGRATS to all the graduates because you could tell all the hard work they put in and all the great times they had even in their personal photo slideshow. I lost count as to how many families I took photos of - but knew that after about the 2nd row I was starting to get a lil hand cramp! LOL :)

I enjoyed every minute of it - each graduate getting pinned were being pinned by either family, spouse, friends - whathaveyou. Some had so many great thanks & stories to share about their time in school and the trials they faced. I loved also that each person had a personal quote! hahaa!!!!

I joked and called it a "wedding with not one bride, but 70+"...AHAH!

I was thankful to have my husband there who reminded me of the small technical things I sometimes over look...but all in all - we had a GREAT time and I spent the next 24 hours living & breathing photos for all of them. :) I was pleased to upload them 100% Saturday evening...just in time to get an email out to everyone saying "they're up!!!". I felt that all my hard work was now payed off...and now they could just enjoy their pictures. :)

Here are a couple of examples!
Most everything else is up in the albums on my smugmug.
Congrats again to all the made it!!!!!!
and BIG THANKS to Holly for recommending me for this job. It was a pleasure to capture those lovely moments.
And now............the rest of the day!

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