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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A day in the life....

Sooooooooo we are meeting w/ our fellow photographers and learners this coming Sunday!!!!
Itz been a fun time getting together with whomever has time and is interested in being around other photographers to learn, grow, aspire and inspire.

We had a huge break in between meetings because Zak and I went on vacation...BUT we met up in downtown C for a fun day out the first Sunday of May. This should be a fun meeting this next time...we should also pick another location for everyone to meet at! :) What other cool FREE things are there to do in dallas????????????????? :)

Meanwhile, I booked a wedding in June with one of the kewlest couples i've met. You'll see why soon i'm sure, but when they don't care about the group portraits...i'm excited! That means I get to be totally creative...and move along quicklyfun! :)

I had a photographer's nitemare last nite. Yes, it was a dream...but to the point of almost tears for me! Have you ever cried in your sleep? I know I have at least once. :)

So i was supposedly at the wedding for this couple in June, but the location was all wrong. I was attempting to take pictures but my camera would not take them. The lens cap was off...the battery showed "fine"...but it would not take a picture when i wanted it to! I may have snapped a few before asking my husband to run and get our backup camera, the XTI. He comes back insinuating that it has been stolen...and that we spent all that money only so that i would be irresponsible! So, if that didn't bring me to tears...this next part did. I was still trying to continue to take pictures with the bum camera....when a family member takes a picture of me trying to take a picture...and I sarcastically tell them "well, at least you're getting the shots and your camera is working better than mine!"...Not a great thing to say to my customer ya think? Anwyays...after that point i was almost in tears...and then I WOKE UP. ahhaahah!

I woke up totally not happy...and GLAD it was a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever had any real photography nitemares? How did you solve them?


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