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Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a weekend!

I do what I love. AND I love what I do! :)

I'm so excited to share a few quick items with you!!!!

This is Stephany!  A local personal trainer who is about to embark on a fun journey...and we needed some basic shots in a black dress.  The great thing is - my idea book is starting to come in handy!  When you have ideas for "poses" that could make an impact, flatter, bring out someone's personality...this is one of the ones we found to be fun and flattering.  I love seeing & meeting strong women.  I'm looking forward to furthering this relationship and in the meantime, learn more about myself in the area of fitness & nutrition!  

As if that wasn't enough!?!  Oh my goodness I had some free time to think/create last nite.  So, I set up my lights & camera...put on a dress and weird makeup and a black wig.  :)  I've started a prop closet for fun things like this.  I've also got my idea book and some of this concept kinda starts to take form as I'm creating.  Some of the images were fine w/o editing - however it was the ART I was bringing forth, not myself.  Here are a few fun images!

This image is basically a feel of "floating" or "flying".  I tried an effect in photoshop to create this "blast off" image.  Sepia seemed the best fit for what i was doing.  I love what sepia does to LIGHT. :)   Yes, that is ME. :)  
This next photo is just fun as well.  I had done some silly makeup...and made faces as i'm doing all this stuff.  This scene i used what was around me as a backdrop and then swirled it.
This next can see a tad more....of my photoshop. hahaah!  I actually kinda took my arm off...because I felt it was a tad distracting.  The effect i put on turned the black hair kindof a blueish tint.  Itz always fun to play around...and i KNOW that black hair doesn't suit me, but in ART - i can work it.
This week I am doing a fashion show with a NY designer. If anyone wants to come out, it is going to be unique & fun!

FRIDAY NITE! 2/12/10  Rarmai Photography is EXCITED to help the designer with her show and her FASHION.  I have seen her work and look forward to working with this event!!!!!!  Take care all!!!!!

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