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Sunday, January 17, 2010

When the years go by!

There is nothing more special to me than when I get to be a part of someone's life for a really long time...and see a full cycle of their lives beginning as husband and wife! :)

Back when I first started my photography business...I hadn't taken a single class...nor did I know how to work my camera.  If I had stayed that way - It would have taken me a much longer time in order to reach the knowlege I have I took a beginning class of photography.  This is where I met Kathy.  Kathy, such a sweet strong woman...with a GREAT family.  Her daughter had just gotten engaged so I was hired to do their engagement photos AND THEN their wedding!  (You see, Kathy was in the class too....and she was striving to do photography as well!!!!)

Last year...I was hired by her daughter to do the TWU Pinning Ceremony for the new nurses coming up into the world!  She had made it through nursing school and there was nothing finer than to see her hard work pay off and see her walk across the stage and be pinned by her husband. :) 

And now, here we are today in January...and they are pregnant with their first baby!  A little boy!  I love this couple so much because of the ideas they bring.  They aren't afraid to express themselves and ask for things!  They do it effortlessly.  I was merely a director.  I love that from the beginning we were able to work well with them ...and here we are at her maternity.  This is one shot that I won't soon forget.  Thanks Kris & Holly, as a bystander watching your lives, you inpsire me!

Live Long and Prosper!

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