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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taking time for yourself!

When you have a busy life and things going and flying around is SO important to take some time for yourself.  I just bought an interesting devotional in regards to that...and as soon as she talked about an "exhausted heart" I identified with the feeling of emptyness, having nothing left to give, being resentful and more.  While you are giving to your family, your job, your business and the world...that is all find & good when you are doing it out of the overflow that God gives you, but when you are doing it all on your own with no help - you turn into a martyr.  You wear yourself thin, you become moody, angry and resentful of EVERYONE! 

During your day, take some time to re-charge yourself!  You would be amazed about how dedicating an hour of quiet time or just positive reflection time will change your attitude around.  I took my first yoga class the other day...and actually wasn't so much relaxed but FOCUSED.  When you are a person that is too busy to even "FOCUS" on something, you can have a lot of issues that you never address.  This is why also when I workout - i don't read and sometimes just kinda have the tv on as background noise (v. the whir of my elliptical).  Focusing some time to chill actually helps you in your day.

The most crazee excuse is "I don't have time" .  We all have SOME time.  Our problem is time management.  When you face that fact and examine your life, you will see where you can carve the time out.  Stop neglecting yourself and take some time to LOVE yourself.  When you are running yourself ragged, you are NOT loving yourself.  Yes, it is wonderful to give, but you can't give what you DONT have.  If you don't have peace, you can't be a peacekeeper.  If you don't really love yourself, how can u truly give LOVE to someone?  Think about it.  Don't respond to this, THINK about your life and where you can fit more time in just for YOU!

Much love and peaceful thoughts towards you today!


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