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Thursday, November 10, 2011

And couch FOR THE WIN!

There are days...where things seem to come together...after many years...of collecting and using pieces of furniture that did their part.  I gave away 2 couches this past week...and left myself open to receive a new one.  Actually, I received more than that!  I was dreaming of a couch with legs...but I did not dream up this FANTASTIC shape...or COLOR!!!! WOW!  I'm a fan of what I call "Blue Man Blue"...or sometimes called Cobalt Blue.  It really truly is an amazing shade of blue, made just for me.  Colorful, bright and homey.  It is a little sectional couch, and all together probably about 8ft long - but apart pretty easy to manuever.

I made a quick stop downtown after having a late nite inspiration search online and on Facebook.  I found this couch on a website that I had seen the previous couple of weeks, but THIS couch was not on there. :)  I needed something multi-functional - and able to be used as a prop for photography - at my leisure.  This double win came as a big surprise...and def. a huge blessing.

These 2 you CANNOT find at Ikea...not even close.  Matter of fact, Ikea's cheapest couch is maybe $300 or so....and the 2 of these together were a great price, even on sale. :)  AMAZING.  They definitely have been loved and used, but still remain in really good structure and soundness.  I'm excited to present to you....a more "finished" look for my living room/studio. :) 

My car is filled to the brim with Cobalt Blue Couch!!!!
Fabulous vintage find at a local Dallas place..."sectional"
Using my 13yr old 1950's lamps as accessories, plus my lovely glass decanter.  I have bought various objects over the years, and it is really really NEAT to see them all come together in the matter of a day.

The wooden cube came from my previous full-time which as we were downsizing, extra furniture was being tossed out.  I had ALWAYS loved that cube.  Well, that was 2008 when I got laid off and I got to take it home!!!!  It has been in a corner and un-used since 08.   The lamp is a twin from a find in Paris TX in 1998.  It was the year I saw Titanic for the first time...and these lamps have traveled EVERYWHERE with me since 98 and have survived!  They never really "fit in" per say - but at the heart of it - they are totally my style and I was ALWAYS in love w/ the lampshades!!!!  I also added the little glass decanter, because I bought that also many years ago.  Probably in Oklahoma somewherz, because in 1999 I lived in the Adair/Tulsa area and often found cool things to buy.  I probably bought it there. :)  But it was not the whopping $40 that I see ppl charging for it - it was like $8. :)  Definitely a great find in my wild life of moving.

I said all of this to say.
In one day, all these pieces I've had for years - made sense. :) 
I was envisioning the completed project in which I could make various scenarios from these couches...leaving room for creativity and fun.  I'm in awe that God hears and knows our simplest desires to illustrate a point.  He is out there, and if we let him - he will be a part of our life and live through our every joy and our every moment of despair. :) Thank you God! U are awesome. :)

And yes, even when couch shopping. :) 

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