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Monday, November 21, 2011

A fun-filled weekend! HIGHLIGHTS here!

So! I had a fun fun fun filled weekend with a TRIPLE action packed wedding weekend.  This normally doesn't happen to me, actually it is rare. My professional goal usually, is to stay at one a month..... :)  However, with the weddings that came my way this weekend - it was a plan that fell in place with such precision, that I could not help but surrender to it all and embrace the challenges and most of all the LOVE that came out of these events. :)


A long time friend of married.  It was a true celebration of finding love and committing love...before all to see.  I was fortunate to be called up to shoot the wedding and meet the man she would spend the rest of her life with.  We went to Biz school together (CTI Business) , so I have a fondness and a story with this lovely woman!  I would like to say congrats to Kabinda, my friend.

A quick picture of them together (L) and her getting ready and adjusting the veil (R)

Another long time friend of the family. ;)  I'm very fond of! I got the call one day...about a secret wedding...NOT to be shared with anyone til the day of.  It was masked underneath a birthday party...and later I found out - a costume party. :)  So everyone was AMAZED when we walked in...and there stood the officiant, the bride and groom, best "Maam"....and MOH. :)  There were gasps...squeals...tears....and I actually hope to share their entire story with you.  I could not stop tearing up.  How is one supposed to take pictures and cry? :)  Congrats....Nathan and Kathy. :) This is the video of the will be coming soon .... :)  The video is important - because of the VOWS.  Take a listen. :)

Kellie found me through a sometimes hit and miss channel in craigslist.  I love surprises like this.  She and her family were so welcoming and fun.  They were partying it up out at the La Cantera ranch...and the weather, while chilly, was quite amazing.  We had a super overcast of cloud cover with just enough time and NO thunderstorms!!!!...and it was gorgeously beautiful and fast. :)  Thanks to her and all the friends & family for having so much fun.  We truly enjoyed our time!  Congrats to Jason & Kellie!!!!  And thank you for the lucky bamboo!!!!!
The announcment! Mr & Mrs (here comes the bouquet) (L) -
A lovely naturey photo request from the bride GORGEOUS shot (R)

Thanks again, to all the friends & family of all the couples.  You helped make their day VERY SPECIAL!!!!!
I could tell in each event, LOVE was present in all the greatest forms!!!
Lots of smiles and laughter. :)

Until next time...............

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  1. So great!! I usually tear up at every wedding too... Love you Jen!!

  2. Love you too! I don't usually tear up at EVERY wedding, but when the couples share about their feelings...and family that has passed on...or how they FOUND their the family's response...I just lose it. At that point, It is not about them, it is about EVERYONE involved, including me. I just love it. :)