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Monday, June 8, 2009

Last minute shoot....

I had been waiting for another opportunity to shoot with leighann...and today we had a last minute *hour* of time.

Course, by the time i made it to that abandoned car lot i was thinking of...someone had decided to purchase the property and start working on it, possibly re-opening a business. HMM.

So we ended up in downtown Addison...after all, I had wanted to stop in there anyways.

I started off kinda *eh* with ideas...and even forgot to pull some ideas that i had stashed in my brain. Course i forgot them ALL...and ended up in the watertower taking some interesting pictures. I love architecture and mod things. A friend of mine mentioned the NYLO...i might even consider that someday....:) HAH!

So here is what i shot today - briefly.
course, more are located on my smugmug.

I told leighann, someday i should really submit her photos in some way to magazines or other places of fashion, she has a great high-fashion type face. :)
here ya go!

This is sitting on a table/stool...just letting the lovely light come in from the windows...and lightroomed to make it pop.
This brick wall was out there next to the building...just kinda passed it..and said..OOOO

Trying something a bit new...shooting through an opaque door. Actually turned out quite was a white door & this is a cross-processed preset in lightroom. :) (and border)

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