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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Use what you have....

If you are anything like me...*human* sometimes see others doing very well..and wonder what and why you are not up on the same levels!

So you study, you read, you practice...but sometimes it boils down to equipment.

To be real honest, I get frustrated when I read certain blogs and watch certain videos put in front of me for education. Mostly because everyone is already WAY ahead of where I am. Not so much in talent or in EQUIPMENT.

But herez the deal, some of us just can't go out and spend money on an L lens...or much less a 5D or 1D. (if you are canon folks)....If you've done the know those things cost almost a used car or new car! lol!

However...wherever you are...there are a few things you can learn and still get great pictures. Just don't feel bad or sad when you can't "copy" the pictures you see from certain photographers. Understand that 800 ISO on a less professional WAY different than 800ISO on others. Your grain that shows up on your pictures will differ on the scale of professional cams to hobby cams.

I've personally just come to terms with how to use the equipment i have to still get amazing pictures...because a great photographer can work with what they have and still get AWESOME shots. Not everyone is going to be "technically" correct...but thatz not the point is it. My teachers always said..."itz how YOU want it, not about the technicality".

SIDE NOTE: This is also another reason why I don't use RAW right now either. For what i'm doing, i really don't need to. I'm sure there are awesome benefits to it, but not EVERY picture i've ever taken digitally could possibly be RAW. Itz just not a priority for me! One day, maybe it will become necessary - but I hate when ppl make is a "moral imperative" and make you think you HAVE to use it or you SUCK! Not true, make your own decision about it. :)

My style is not your style...your style is not my style.
Figure out YOUR style...and be yourself!

until next time.

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