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Saturday, April 2, 2011

"It is time"...

You know I still haven't written about my experiences at last week's conference...but what I can tell you is the pieces I picked up....was about "REIGNING" in my domain.  We have all been given a sphere...and help accountable for that purpose we have been given here on earth.  I didn't catch it all, but those words definitely stuck with me.  What I've been given charge over, I want to embrace. :)

So, tonite a surprise came about...that had been thought out and "planned"...but happened differently than we expected, BUT still...happened.

I was taken back to the moments that I saw my friend Sherry get engaged....and how I got to know ahead of time....and watch it unfold...and tonite was no exception to what we felt that same day.  Just so happy to SHARE that moment. :)

I hope to share my thoughts soon about what I have learned so far...
but for now...I'm going to finish out today...celebrating my wedding anniversary...and go help people...and then Sunday, do my photo sessions in Deep Ellum.

I love my life and what I've been given.
The doors of opportunities, I'm staying attentive to them.

Hello again, 2011.

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