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Monday, April 18, 2011

.......the weekend....

I did have a blast this weekend at the Ren Faire!  I was able to help share a glorious moment between a good friend & co-creator...Chrystine. :)  I was able to dress as a "fairy" to enjoy the good times and creativity all around me. :)  I am currently working on their images...but have a few up on my gallery at : 

Meanwhile, check out a couple of images I took for the bride....she is very very lovely and it was so cool to see all the personal touches she gave to her special day - with her daughter all "fairied" up...wings & everything...down to the details that they chose for their wedding attire.  (purchased separately, but matched perfectly!) 

Thanks to everyone at the Scarborough Festival - I see the hard work and heart you put into what you do! Thanks for serving the bride & groom, and thanks for serving me too. :)  Much Love, Jen

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