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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The weekend!

For those of you that don't know anything about me.

I make dreams happen.
My own dreams in particular most times, and those out there my me make dreams happen too!  A long long time ago on a message board far far away....I met a lot of people that were like-minded, yet diverse in the music/art world.  Blue Man Group has an amazing diversity of fans...and I have the pleasure of knowing some of the coolest ones out there.  :)  My trip to Florida was super duper, even though my flight in was about 3 hours late. :)  I met some cool people on the plane....and then met up with a local Orlando fan to crash at her place...and then spent most of the day at Universal enjoying the company of the fans, sound check, the Bluephoria Lounge and the 9pm show.  AMAZING time.  AMAZING people.

Here is a montage video of our day.....


I hope you can start to see a little more about me...and what I love.
I tend to just really enjoy exploring and connecting with folks everywhere. :)

our mini-meet and greet after the show in the lounge THANK YOU BMG for making it so wonderful.  Matter of fact, it was pretty awesome to experience this part for the first time.
One of our great group shots. :) 
Me, 27, Lux, Sonia and Rotcav - some of the "older" fans from the previous BMMB.  I saw my first show in 1996.
THANK YOU Darlene for letting me crash with you!  Herez our departing duckfaces. :)
This is a little time travel, but SUCH a great photo - Alissa and I were "wiggling" for our Times Square moment for the montage wiggling video. :)  <3  We had a blast...there were tears shed and love spread.


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