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Monday, April 2, 2012

SUPER SUPER congrats to Lord and Lady FERGUSON!!!!!

So! I took a trip down to Sherwood capture the lovely day of Ian and Amanda!!!!! We found each other online...and so it goes, the day of awesome...which finally tied the knot in their love for each other and the beginning of their marriage before friends/family. :)

I'm eternally greatful I took the opportunity to hear their story...of how they overcame many struggles to get to this day. In my views, this made us ALL a little more thankful for this day to happen and celebrate. It couldn't have gone better...and the moments with friends & family won't soon be forgotten. :)

TEASERS from their day:  Ian and Amanda

Congrats you guys!
and thank you, for the THANK YOUs.

One of those lovely forest moments....where we let the Lord and Lady....enjoy sunlight and love!!!!
Friar Tuck signs the they can be official!!!!! We had to walk everywhere to find him. :)
Me and the happy couple! After a fun day of laughs, sweat, tears and more i'm sure.
Congrats to you guys!!! I cannot wait to get into your images and start posting your wedding day!!!!!

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