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Friday, April 27, 2012

creation tip #4353748597

So, I dont' know about you....but we have clothing pieces we love....and me...
I LOVE TANK TOPS!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love them.  I love all the shapes and colors I can find...and I wear them out...and sometimes, get rid of them....

However, there are a few tops I didn't wanna give up on...and get a few more wears and tears out of pulled out the sewing machine today...and did what I do....take that saggy old tank top and make it "new" again!!! 

I don't even care if it is a striped or can get away with it :)
For me, I put the old tank on....and gather it in the back..and guesstimate how much I need to take in...
somtimes really, it is just the backside you need to take in.  Or, if you have really gotten a tank that is too huge and can take in seams too! :) 

Anyways..............I flip it inside out...and sew a diagonal right up the back.
Thatz right !!! A diagonal!!!!  Start at like 3 inches out...(from the fold)...and then zoom your machine up to almost the top of the shirt. WHAMMO! done. :)

I've done 3 total now...and going to start another project too...of merging a tank top and rainbow dress. :)


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