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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank you ocean!

So, every year my hubby and I go somewhere to chill for a week...we've done so...since we've been married.  Such a great feeling to UNPLUG and really just be and enjoy.  :)  No life expectancies...just enjoying!!! :) so, here you are some of MY favorite images....I really just captured a lot as is....and then did just a few creative things.  MOSTLY with the FIRE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES PLEASE!

one of my FAVORITE of the fire images!!! :) I love it.
Night-time ocean.
this is the moonlight....and wish that was me and zak, but itz not! :)
moon donut.
slow shutter in bright sunlight...looks like hair, LOVE me some palapas.
still have no clue what these berries are on the palm trees!
totally DIGGIN this palm in our backyard is twisted and sideways!
one of the main atriums - was messing with the statue and architecture.
waiting for the theme night of Caribbean buffet!
The only thing this is missing...LIGHTS on the awesome shell where the band is. :)

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