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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

about a MONTH til the Dream Center!!!!

Hey everyone...just checking into Jen's life today....and remembering that on July 2nd, I'll be heading to Los Angeles to the Dream Center.  I cannot wait to get going....and see what God is going to show me and teach me while there.  I know my heart is to simply SEE better and be able to help others the way God does...u know, by shining the light...and maybe even just giving hugs.  They help almost everyone you could ever think of there.  The pastor has such a big heart...and they use an old hospital building (which is fitting) for anyone hurting, lost and just plain wounded - they can find hope and healing there.

Sometimes I know, God meets us where we are - in our homes, on our job...but sometimes we need to remove ourselves from what is move into a place surrounded with healing and hope.  There are so many factors that stop us from moving forward in our lives...and not having God's's kinda harder and less peaceful.

I'm just kinda nervous, as usual, about what will happen - what I'll see...and will I cry A LOT. ahahah!!! I've found myself being touched by scenarios in which people find hope. I think in this world...we all need a little hope. :)

I have to thank EVERYONE that help to donate financially....and also to everyone that is praying for me...and sending warm thoughts with me.  Really, this was never about me - but I'm the one being sent to see what is out there....and bring it home with me. :)

I pray that in your giving, it is given back to you and then some.

I really appreciate it.  Sometimes I feel alone, but I also remember....i have lots of people I don't get to see much...supporting me.  I may not hear it or see it, but it is there. :)


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