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Friday, June 1, 2012

WHO is running your "Sick Cycle Carousel" ???? - something to think about, Inspiration of the day.

I had an amazing discussion today....and the last question we discussed was....
WHAT HAS YOU STUCK????????????

I know there are ton of things we desire out of this life...and there is a reason why you might not be seeing these things happen.  You could have a LOT of unresolved issues that you either don't know about, or undoubtedly some BELIEFS about yourself that stop you from moving forward.  You could have a very distorted view of yourself and a nasty attitude.  Maybe you dont' even know what you want.  Wow. 

I've noticed a trend in stubborness, or refusal to see TRUTH for what it is.  We don't wanna admit we could be wrong...therefore we keep believing that truth over and over...and never see our dreams come true.

who is running YOUR "sick cycle carousel' know the things you do over and over and over and over thinking at some point you will move forward. I only see one person down there. (song from Lifehouse)

You have some choices you can make.  You cannot blame ANYONE for stopping you.  You do NOT pass go, and collect $200 for that.  You are the only one stopping you.

The 2nd question AFTER that...was WHAT ACTION WILL YOU get unstuck....I've seen way too many folks sit around and whine for 10 years about something they don't have....or something they can' do....and then 10 years go by, nothing changes.  You need to take a step back and realize, if you really wanted it - you would make it happen.  The story you tell yourself could be a lie.

Think about something you DESIRE in your life right now.
Why don't you have it, why aren't you doing it?
Fear and Doubt will always be there, we know this now.  So, what is stopping you?
Why do you prefer the round and round v. moving forward?

Your self-worth can determine the outcomes in your life too.  If you look at yourself and deem yourself unworthy of life and love...then that is exactly what you get.  You spend years searching for what was there all along, just too blind to see and denying yourself the very thing that can set you free.


Take a few moments, seriously...what "sick cycle carousel" has you going in circles?

What action can you take TODAY to make something happen in a new direction?
A life of purpose!

Talk amongst yourselves.

Then go DO IT.  Take action.

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  1. This is great!! I'm reposting it... And I love that song from Lifehouse too....