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Friday, May 18, 2012

A little bright light, in a mass of darkness.

I have been feeling so feeling....since coming home from vacation....while trying to jump back into life...and also realizing that taking time to chill is very very important.  April 2012 kicked my butt...and I definitely had a blast working hard and fast...but now, I'm slowing the pace for May. :)  I'm excited to mentally and emotionally prep for June...because I have 2 weddings for sure...that I have a lot of fun to prep for, and amazing images. :) YES!!!!

Anyways, what I have felt lately is just a little quieter....and needing to just sit down and soak some things in.  I've also desperately needed my washer fixed, and itz not fixed yet.  This week I took myself to the laundrymat SUPER large one (6 loader) and did laundry. :)  It was awesome. :)

My heart feels for those right now that are hurting and feel alone....I can't tell you how many times I've felt soooooooooooo alone just in my ideas/heart/thoughts.  Sometimes you just want to be understood or recognized or remembered.  Sometimes, you just simply need the quiet and the darkness.

To express what I'm talking is my photo.

Mexico 2012 - Full Moon over Playa

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