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Monday, April 23, 2012

A tip for all the brides and their shoes!!!!

Have you ever wanted to just be COMFORTABLE?????

Well, one of the tips I gave myself when I was thinking about my wedding...was comfort and being able to WALK without hurting for hours and hours.

I think what is key is that when I planned my dress and wore went straight down to the ground...and you couldn't see my shoes.  I figured, why would i want to be in pain the whole time? :)  So i had bought a very comfy dress and years before, had bought WHITE platform skechers...which i might affectionately call my "frankenstein shoes".

Take a looksie here:

I guess my MAIN TIP is, the last thing you want to do on your wedding be uncomfy and miserable!   Find alternatives that are still true to YOU...and your style!!!  But don't be ashamed or afraid to say LISTEN! I wanna be comfy and party all nite!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA :)

I hope you enjoyed a little piece of my past.  This means, these shoes are well over 7 years of April 2012 I have been married for SEVEN years. I love you baby! :)

Much Love


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