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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another season comes to a close....

For me personally....
seasons do seem to run in 9 month time slots.

Almost 9 months ago I started my first round of p90x - and while on this journey I had been battling a lot of internal battles...bad habits had been formed...some friendships had to be re-evaluated.  I can safely say I'm through the muck & mire...and into a happier place.  I'm still tempted from time to time to think about things and various situations negatively - but I'm getting quicker about spinning it positively and accepting things as they are, not as I "dream" them to be.

Growing up it was hard to make trust me when I tell you - most times I see everyone as my friends.  But it is not always reciprocated.   That has been my battle.  To truly see people as they are...and what they are in my life.  Are they the friends that stick around?  Are they the friends that float in and out?  Are they the friends that just eventually exit my life all-together.  I'm the kind of person that never likes to push people out of my life...but sometimes I just had found myself separating from unhealthy things.  The more I separated, the better I felt and the less turmoil I had.

This was a good thing.

So here I am 9 months later roughly...and I'm more accepting...a little more forgiving...a little less angry...and still VERY motivated to make dreams happen.  I get frustrated from time to time, but I will pick my battles and when the need arises for my passion to speak, I will speak. :)

Thanks everyone for standing with me, even when I didn't see you.  Cause believe me, I have felt very alone.

I know that I am not.

Everyone have a great week...I'll post more as it comes. :)


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