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Thursday, June 30, 2011

July is FUN part 2.

Ok, so ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, JULY 23rd - I will be having some special artwork on the interactive photo & lyric wall.  You will have to go and find know, like a scavenger hunt! :)  Try and guess...which ones are mine! :) 

To get your tickets to the show:

Right before that, I'll be celebrating the big 3-5 Birthday.  I really don't feel like my number.  I don't like those kinds of numbers anyways.  I am just loving a big way.  I can't see myself any other way but happy and fulfilled.  There are ups and there are downs...but my HOPE never fades. :)

Would you like to see some previews of my art pieces? 

well, you'll just have to wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

girlSHOW 2011
8pm - Midnite
LIFE in Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor St, Dallas TX  75226

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