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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There once was a girl.............

who was standing in her home...looking at pieces of a she walked by...something rose up within her to call something out to the objects laying haphazardly around the floor...."you are SO art"....

Calling things as though it already was....ART.

When I think of myself as a creator of sorts...I think of the many things that we start...and don't know where they go, but know that the project will be completed at some points in our process of life. 

As I thought about this moment...I realized...wait a minute!  Am I not CREATED out of dust...formed with every hair on my head accounted for, every curve, shape, line and texture? Am I not walking art?

"I am SO art" was born a few years ago out of those silly moments of declaration.

What I would like to tell you today is..."YOU ARE SO ART" are a beautiful creation of lines, shapes, textures, colors, smiles and laughter.  You are beautiful...You are walking art. :)

This will be an on-going project...but I believe we all are artwork..and we ALL hang in the gallery of the world as an interactive display of God's creation.  This is the largest gallery in the world.  The world. :)

Here are some lovely works of art that I met over the past 2 share with they could remember...I made art cards...and will have them for sale at girlShow 2010 this year.  Only $1...every dollar goes towards my business of encouragin, inspiring and giving all of who I am to my community. :)  I thank each of you for your support spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally.  I couldn't live my dream without you, because YOU are a part of it, and YOU are art. :)

more to come.......................
spreading the love!!!!!!!

OH and herez our video from the day!!!!!!!!!!!


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