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Monday, June 28, 2010

Unbelievably purple nurple.

We had our girlShow meeting today (really, Sunday)...and there are still so many details to think of! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

Sherry and I will be doing the LIVE photo booth experience Saturday nite (JULY 10th)...and BOY will it be an experience!! I can't wait to get behind the camera and smile and laugh and do what I love and show you the beauty inside yourself.

I have to admit as I talk out my vision and texts of my heart with my ART....I figure out more and more what to say to truly express how I feel about working with people in my life/business.  I can say without a doubt...sometimes we can all see a little more in others than sometimes ourselves.  I may see 10 people in one day...and just say one encouraging word...and that is an art all itself.  To reach out and LOVE people around us...and I know that ART is only one of those tools that make a difference in reaching out and help people love themselves. :)

I truly believe there is the seen AND the unseen.  More and more I believe part of my job is to capture the un-seen in you, your life, your event....letz face it - we can this we are the most observant eyes in the world...AND still miss some details that we didn't see! :)  I'm thankful that some of these times...I get to encourage with those details...those POSITIVE  details that you may or may not see about yourself.

I'm excited to keep going through the process of freedom....
that is the only way to live.

Love Jen

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