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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes I just don't know.....................................(and itz ok!)

U know I was just thinking about my really awesome visionary friends....

They know what they want and are setting out to do it.

I admire that.

They are living their dream and some are so close to their dream, they can taste it.

I sit here & think, wow, what am I really wanting to do here?

I have a list...but am not sure by whatever means that I would LOVE to accomplish.

For some, maybe it is a full studio, to be like David LaChapelle, travel the world and get paid for it.

I can't really honestly pinpoint ANYTHING right now that puts me in the dream box. Because I want it all. I want to travel (and get paid for jobs). I want to have a studio, but not like the ones I've seen. I want to work with people around the world and see cultures and see God's ART everywhere. I want to work with Lady Gaga. I want to see and know my city better. I want to see and know my current world better. I want to keep learning photography even when I don't feel like it. (letz face it, I get super lazy and hard-headed about LEARNING!) I want to be inpsired so that I can inspire. I want to be encouraged so that I can encourage. I feel like the vision/dream is SO BIG that I can't even comprehend it right now. That is why I don't see how others see yet. :) I don't want to follow in someone's footsteps. I'm making my OWN way. I guess that is why I find it hard sometimes to keep going even without knowing the full vision - TRUSTING that every thing leads me to right where I'm going. I get reminded over and over about PREPARATION. While I'm helping others live their dreams...I'm still on the path to mine. :) Do I get tired? yes. Do I get a little mopey (well a lot sometimes)? YES. Do I get a little jealous? Yes! I'm not afraid to admit the journey in itz good and bad lighting. We all know about GOOD AND BAD lighting. But in the light, all is revealed. I would rather be real than fake. I would rather know myself better than pretend I don't know who I am. :)

Itz halfway through the year...
what excuses have YOU made. (to not get started on your dream)

Letz go folks, the only thing holding you back most of the YOU.


Meanwhile - please enjoy this photo taken by Dee
And a lovely video I made yesterday about the "Colors in the Wheel".............
I wore my rainbow dress to church last nite...and would love to have a shoot in that someday. :)

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