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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm inspired by a 4 month old! hah! :)

I have to tell you...sometimes I get a little down....every once in a while...sometimes I doubt....sometimes I feel like things go nowhere...but it was when I was looking at my new nephew's face...that I got these words....
"go for it Jen! I LOVE YOU"....

I know photos mean so much to so many of us....this weekend was a nice rest after one of the busiest weeks of my life.  Not day, WEEK.  I'm thankful for everything about my "career" calling....for it is SURE and it is CREATIVE. :) 

As I work through the thoughts...and weed out the things that matter and don't...I come back to this face:
How can anyone hold a straight face when looking at this? OMG. 
The wonder and surprise in his eyes....
The little fist almost in a motion of "you can do it!"....
That tiny little smile....
One of my fav photos from the weekend....
and inspires me to stay keep know that out there somewhere a little baby makes faces, talks, laughs...and it is a sure message as if he could already speak english. :) 
I can only imagine as time moves on....
what inspires us next?
what is that next message? :)
It is around us...every day. :)


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  1. i hear you loud and clear. children are a heritage of the Lord! Bless you.