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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photography is...

a tool!  to SERVE my customers and clients!
The following is a wedding where I helped my fellow friend & team-mate in growing photography businesses....Catoe. :)  She needed a 2nd photographer to help her out...and i took it and ran with it.  I also invited a newly found friend to join us at 3rd. :) 

This was their 35th year renewal of vows.....................and there are many reasons to celebrate that...for more reasons that one.  When someone struggles with any type of cancer or illness - having something uniquely special to celebrate and touching! :) 

I have found that for me, itz not about what I can get out of these ceremonies of love & is really about capturing the entire day and MORE for them to enjoy for years to come.  I have found that I do not choose my clients - my clients choose me.

Here are a few highlights that i wanted to share!
They were so happy....dancing....laughing....she was TRULY surprised by a wonderful new ring that he gave her while they exchanged the rings. :)  IT was shock, amazement and much laffing!  It was sooooooooo great.  I just can't tell you!  We gave them many hugs before we left...knowing they were tired, had partied their hearts out...and were on their way to their next journey. :)


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