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Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 weddings to never forget!!!!!!!! by Rarmai Photography

Wedding 1.........a last minute ordeal...they booked me less than 2 weeks before their wedding...and all the rain we've had moved EVERYTHING around! We ended up indoors at the church offices...which turned into a very LOVELY evening...all around...and it ended with a tearful celebration via web with the bride's parents in Bolivia!
To see their album - go here: David & Patti

Wedding 2.............a lovely couple...with a rockin bridal party and lots and LOTS of homemade decorations!  The weather outside was kinda gloomy - but the ceremony went along inside without a hitch.  We were at the Wildwood Inn in Denton...and we all had fun w/ the photographs. :)  The bride had her very own requests for us to do - and we got all of them!  I love when people get involved in creating their own memories..itz AWESOME! :) 
To see their album - go here:  Chris & Michaela

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