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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Pink Light Images has had a growth spurt....

I've been dreaming big...the bigger I dream, the more I push myself as an artist.

The coolest thing about 2012 is that I have come so much closer to finding my voice and myself as an artist...I have traveled coast to coast...and met friendly faces in every city. 

I have tried new things...I am finding out what I love...

I am finding that i love TRAVEL and i love capturing WEDDINGS.

If you have worked with me in the past, then you have amazing recommendations for me....I know this to be true!!!  I also know, I'm always pushing more of my heart every time I take a job.  I've never labeled myself perfect, simply creative...and doing the best I can with the gifts I have been given.  :)

ALL of my wedding pricing is changing effective 1/1/2013.

My packages are being refined.

What I offer is going to have a voice of its own.

I am offering only the uniquest part of wedding photography I have....


I am an artist, true to the core-  from the days of a child...drawing and doodling on a piece of paper.
 I've been featured in a magazine in the United Kingdom 3 times for my wedding photography and stories.  I cannot imagine how much more awesome it can get? :)  (and more)

I've sat in front of very talented photographers I admire, and had my work extensively critiqued.
I'll never forget that moment this year.

I also understand, that in working with me - you have to be ok with Pink Hair.  


My heart has always been to serve you 100%.  In serving you, I'm serving the community and the world.  The art I create goes out into the digital world and is seen all over the USA and beyond.

I make look like a flake, but I take my creative gift very seriously and EVERY JOB requires thinking, prep and being open to flexibility.

I've made it through the depths of discouragement....the never-ending questions and critiques to myself.  I've made it through almost 6 years of business without any giving up.
If anything, I'm charged even more to broaden the dreams I have.  
I WILL USE MY CREATIVE GIFTS no matter what!!!!

The artist inside is calling me.

Please contact me ASAP to BOOK YOUR WEDDING DAY photography.
2012 is gone in 5 days....

Then, itz HELLO WORLD,
Pink Light Images is here to *LIGHT YOU UP* :)


A more formal announcement coming soon......


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